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A group of Inlaid Box,Mirror and Spoons-1396
Provenance: Previously mentioned.
Dimensions: Previously mentioned.
Age: Previously mentioned.
Owner: Previously mentioned.
Info: We have sourced these five pieces from the same family in Istanbul.With this group photo we aimed to give an idea on how they lived together and created pleasure in the family, for so many years.
Status: Available
Roasted Coffee Cooler In Wood-885
Provenance: From the Western part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Length:20 cm, Height:3.5cm, Width:13.5 cm.
Age: It is around 125-150 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: It is made of root walnut tree,which makes it a very hard wood to work work with.On the back, there is a cross motif in a circle.This particular piece is made and used by the Nomads.
Status: Available
Wooden Box with Mother of Pearl and Sea Turtle Shell-#1391
Provenance: Istanbul
Dimensions: Height:10 cm,Width:12,5 cm,Length:22,5 cm.
Age: Late 19 th Century Ottoman Era.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: The main body is made of wallnut-tree.Decorative materials on the surface are;1-Butterfly Tree 2-Mahogany Tree on the sides as fillets.3-Rosewood all along the borders.4-Animal Bone and 5-Sea Turtle Shell.The inner section is covered with marbled paper.This must have been used for storing worry beads as the tradition tells us.
Status: Available
Mirror Inlaid with Sea Turtle-Shell and Mother of Pearl-#1395
Provenance: Istanbul
Dimensions: Height - 44.5 cm, Width-27.5 cm
Age: Late 19th C. Pre-republican.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: The main body is made of walnut-tree.Embellished with authentic floral patterns in scrolls which appears in Mother of Pearl and Sea Turtle-Shell .A rare size for a wall mirror.Very delicate workmanship.Particularly the top part-the Petal-.
Status: Available