Covered Dishes

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Bronze Covered Dish-592
Provenance: From the Old Istanbul Market in Süleymaniye Region
Dimensions: Height 12.5 cm,Diameter 21 cm, Width 9 cm.
Age: Dated in Lunar year.
Owner: "Şerife Rahiye" the woman.
Info: It is quite heavy for what the size is.The owner's name is written both on the lid and on the edgeof the bottom dish.Finial is placed on the very top.
Status: Available
Brass Covered Dish-593
Provenance: Interior part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Height:14.5 cm,Diameter of the base:11 cm,Width:21 cm.
Age: Dated to 1268 in Lunar year which equals to 1851.
Owner: "Harutyun son of Mahdezi Ağateli of Sloyantz family."
Info: Brass covered dish,tinned on the surface.The owner's name is mentioned on the edge of the piece.Also we notice a small seal "Nahas",which means it is made of brass,not copper .It was widely used as a kitchen utensil for serving and storing food.
Status: Available
Brass Covered Dish-590
Provenance: From the Old Istanbul Market in Süleymaniye Region.
Dimensions: Height 9 cm,Diameter of the top 23.5 cm, Diameter of base 12 cm
Age: Between 100-125 years old.
Owner: "Azim" the owner.
Info: This brass covered dish has got a beautiful tiny circle all around the top cover.The owner's name is sealed on the edge of the bottom piece.
Status: Available
Bronze Covered Dishes-606
Provenance: From the Old Istanbul Market in Süleymaniye Region.
Dimensions: Height 11 cm,Diameter 19 cm, Width 9.5 cm.
Age: At least 100-125 years,if not more.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: These four bronze covered dishes is a set.Each one has got a beautifully molded finial in brass and its rosette.
Status: Available
Copper Covered Dish-589
Provenance: From Sarajevo,Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Dimensions: Height 14 cm,Length 27 cm, Width 15 cm.
Age: 100-125 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: It is made of copper,tinned on the surface.This oval shaped covered-dish is embellished with intermingled floral patterns and the Armenian chain design .On the very top of the piece a brass crescent is quite noticeable.
Status: Available