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Brass Tray-1190
Provenance: From the city of Damascus, Syria.
Dimensions: Length 33 cm, Width 25 cm, Height 1.5 cm.
Age: At least 80-100 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: It is made of brass.The surface had black deposits in certain parts of which part of it is gone.A beautiful contrast is created by tinning certain areas leaving the rest as it is.The pierced edge offers us number of crescents as well as pierced floral sections.This octagonal tray has centrally located stylized"Tuğra" form as a decorative motif,alongside the other floral motifs.Used as a coffee tray.
Status: Available
Copper Tray-1186
Provenance: From the Interior part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Diameter 50 cm, Height 3 cm.
Age: 100-125 years old.
Owner: "Istepannos", an Armenian.
Info: It is made of copper,tinned on the surface.On the edge of the tray,there are several cartouches filled with Armenian chain designs as well as stylized Arabesque motifs.In one of these cartouches the owner's name is mentioned.
Status: Available
Copper Tray-1192
Provenance: From the South-Eastern part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Diameter 60 cm, Height 2.5 cm.
Age: Dated to 1879.
Owner: "Hagop Saatchi", an Armenian.
Info: It is made of copper,tinned on the surface.The owner's name is mentioned in an Altar shaped frame.
Status: Available