Candle Holders

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Brass Candle Holder-725
Provenance: Old Istanbul.
Dimensions: Height: 36 cm , Width of the bottom: 14.5 cm.
Age: Dated to 1877.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: This brass candle-holder is nickelled on the surface.It is quite heavy compared to the size.At the front side of the piece ,the inscription "Hişadag e Surp Nışan Yegeğetsi-Donated to Saint Nışan Church " is noticeable.
Status: Available
Bronze Candle Holder-745
Provenance: Central part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Height: 26 cm , Width of the bottom: 20 cm.
Age: Late 18 th Century Ottoman Era.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: An old bronze candle-holder with a flat basin.It is decorated and engraved with almond motifs from the neck down to the bottom.
Status: Available
Brass Candle Holder-723
Provenance: Uzbekistan , Central Asia.
Dimensions: Height: 21 cm , Width of the bottom: 21 cm.
Age: Between 125-150 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: This brass Central Asian candle-holder is also used as an oil burner.It has got a nice proportion with its flat bottom and narrow neck.
Status: Available
Brass Candle Holder-741
Provenance: From Süleymaniye Area , Old Istanbul Market
Dimensions: Height: 23 cm , Width of the bottom: 11 cm.
Age: Mid 19 th Century Ottoman Era.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: This small brass candle-holder is the work of Süleymaniye brass market in Istanbul.The area, which is known for its copper and brass workmanship for centuries.It is distinguished with its tulip-shaped mouth and nodal points on the neck..We entitle this form as "Mevlevi Dervish lodge ".They were commonly used in Ottoman daily life.
Status: Available
A brass candle holder-729
Provenance: From the Old Istanbul Market of the Ottoman Era.
Dimensions: Height 23 cm , Width of the base 13 cm.
Age: At least 100-125 years old.
Owner: In memory of Aliknazar son of Manuk,to Kartal St.Nishan Church.
Info: It is one of the classical forms of the church candle-holders.There is a minor defect with the base.
Status: Available
A Brass Candle-Holder -740
Provenance: From the city of Tekirdağ of the Ottoman Era.
Dimensions: Height 36cm , Width of the bottom 28cm.
Age: Dated to 1808.
Owner: In the memory of Ohannes and Meryem to St.Takavor Church.
Info: It is a superb work coming from a proper workshop .Such an unusual form as a candle-holder.Inscribed in Armenian script around the raised central section.
Status: Available
Brass candle holder-743
Provenance: Mid-North of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Height: 33 cm , Width of the bottom: 13 cm.
Age: Dated to 1848.
Owner: "Anna" the owner.
Info: This beautifully formed brass candle-holder, is the work of Armenian masters of Anatolia.It is dated and inscribed at the botttom.The inscription reads as " This candle-holder is a reminder, given to the Murghadu Church by Anna in 1848 ".
Status: Available