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Brass mug-240
Provenance: From the city of Edirne, North-Western part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Height 14 cm, Width 7 cm , Diameter of the top 8 cm.
Age: Nearly 80-100 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: It is made of brass,embellished with star and crescent on the main body and around the neck zigzag patterns with wave designs.
Status: Available
Brass Mug-221
Provenance: From Edirne,Western part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Height:13.5 cm, Width of the bottom: 8 cm.
Age: Late 19 th Century Ottoman Era.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: Brass water mug from the western part of Anatolia.It is decorated with traditional Anatolian motifs such as "fish and bird "and some floral designs on the surface.The curved handle and bulging body is significant with this piece.
Status: Available
Brass Water Jug-236
Provenance: From Damascus-Aleppo Market, Syria.
Dimensions: Height:20 cm, Width:8 cm.
Age: Between 80-100 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: Brass water jug,embellished with different floral motifs,leaf branches etc.from the top to the bottom.A nice proportional piece with its small size and good workmanship.It was used as a daily life utensil for serving water.
Status: Available
Brass Water Jug-235
Provenance: From Damascus Market, Syria.
Dimensions: Height:22 cm, Width:11 cm.
Age: Between 100-125 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: Brass water jug,with black niello inlaid on the surface.It is fully embellished with floral motifs and leaf branches from top to the bottom.It was used to serve water as a kitchen utensil.It has got a small cup which completes the piece as a set.Typical form of Damascus,Aleppo brass workmanship.
Status: Available
Copper Mug-241
Provenance: Mid-Northern part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Height:13 cm, Width of the bottom:8.5 cm
Age: Dated to 1283 in Lunar year, which equals to 1866.
Owner: "Arakel of the Dosdurets family "
Info: Copper water mug ,tinned on the surface.It was commonly used almost in every part of Anatolia as a daily life utensil.The owner's name and the year is mentioned at the side of the piece in Armenian letters.
Status: Available
Copper mug-226
Provenance: From the Isfahan Area, Iran.
Dimensions: Height 10 cm , Width 13 cm , Diameter of the top 12 cm.
Age: At least 100-125 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: It is made of copper tinned on the surface.Embellished with pomegranate scrolls within two successive bands running around the body of the piece.It is made of thick-walled copper ,as a result it is quite a heavy piece.
Status: Available