Incense Burners

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Brass Incense Burner-531
Provenance: From the Süleymaniye Market for Metalwork, Istanbul.
Dimensions: Height 21 cm, Width of the base 11 cm.
Age: At least 100-125 years old, if not more.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: This brass incense burner is one of its kind as a workmanship.At the very top of the piece,on the cross the seal, which states "Pirinç" means it is made of brass.
Status: Available
Brass Incense-Burner-523
Provenance: From the Old Istanbul market of the Ottoman Era.
Dimensions: Height :25 cm ,Width of the base : 21 cm.
Age: At least 125-150 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: This brass incense-burner is a typical work of Süleymaniye Brass Market.It is standing on a cast brass feet , which are connected to the large plate underneath.Crescent and star motifs are sitting on the top as a finialThe Ottoman seal which is in the center of the base-plate is a clear evidence of its age and the origin.This piece is a very well-known silver form of the Ottoman Era,but whenever there was a shortage of silver the silversmiths put their talent in brass ,so that they could continue making a living.
Status: Available
Brass Incense Burner-525
Provenance: From Süleymaniye,Old Istanbul Market.
Dimensions: Height:19 cm,Width of the base:9 cm.
Age: Late 19 th Century Ottoman Era.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: Brass incense burner with cross on the top.Extraordinary in form and shape.
Status: Available
Brass Incense Burner-537
Provenance: From the Old Brass Market of Süleymaniye, Istanbul.
Dimensions: Height 22 cm, Width of the base 11 cm.
Age: At least 100-125 years,if not more.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: It is made of brass.Extraordinary in form and shape.
Status: Available
Silver Incense Burner
Provenance: From the Istanbul Silver Market.
Dimensions: Height 21cm , Width of the base 14cm.
Age: 1870 in form.
Owner: -
Info: As there is one in the Islamic and Turkish art museum, this one is the "Living Antique" in other words,today's reproduction of an old brass one , contemporary to the silver one from the year 1870,at the museum.
Status: Available